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тнe worѕт мιѕтaĸe тнaт ι coυld мaĸe woυld вe тo мaĸe none ღ
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2016-10-09 12:39 pm

Conviction // Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell // Conviction 1x01 // 16 icons

❥ icons are not bases
❥ please credit [personal profile] runninginheels
❥ icon layout by [community profile] cawaii
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2016-02-18 05:13 pm
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Mock YouTube Video


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2016-02-05 01:22 am

FanFic Directory


AMOMAXIA | Explicit | Gene/Alex, smut
Somewhere between 7pm and 2am, it had become okay with Alex Drake to shag Gene Hunt. And the idea of regretting it in the morning hadn’t crossed her mind once.
Originally Published 2010.5.27 @ Dreamwidth

FOREVER IS A LONG TIME | General | Post-finale, Gene/Alex, Chris/Shaz, Sam/Annie
One day, Gene Hunt woke up and he thought about two DIs named Sam Tyler and Alex Drake, and his heart was filled with a bland, desperate emptiness that could only be known by a lonely man who had been left behind by the two people he had loved more than almost anything in the world. And he wished he remembered why.
Originally Published 2010.5.22 @ Dreamwidth

HOME | General | Alex and Molly, alternate future
Sometimes, Molly, home isn't a specific place. It's just wherever you happen to be.
Originally Published 2010.3.31 @ Dreamwidth

PSYCHOLOGY | Teen | Alex/Gene, flirting and fighting
There were unspoken rules in Luigi's. And one of those happened to be, no bloke was allowed to flirt with DI Alex Drake while she was in the presence of the most esteemed DCI Gene Hunt. Or sometimes, even when she wasn't.
Originally Published 2010.2.18 @ Dreamwidth

CONTROL | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
There was a moment when I was completely in control.
Originally Published 2010.2.15 @ Dreamwidth

WISHED A BIRD | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
No one cries for what they have. They cry only for what they have lost.
Originally Published 2009.12.18 @ Dreamwidth

FORGOTTEN | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
He calls me to someplace that might have been home, if I'd wanted it to be.
Originally Published 2009.12.7 @ Dreamwidth

OUTLIVED | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
When I was young, I often fantasized that my parents had survived the explosion.
Originally Published 2009.11.12 @ Dreamwidth


NO REGRETS | Teen | Castle/Beckett
Roy was the one who had told her that, in their line of work, there were no victories. Only battles. Beckett wondered if the same was true for love.
Originally published 2013.9.29 @ A03

HOT DOGS AND PHONE NUMBERS | General | Missing Scene, "Flowes for Your Grave"
“You know,” he said, “you really should give me your phone number.”
Originally published 2.8.2013 @

A department store Santa is found murdered in a small boutique. Meanwhile, Castle does his best to put Beckett in the mood of the holiday season.
Originally published 2012.12.11 @

THE DEVOTION OF DOGS | Mature | Castle/Beckett
He was staring at her. His eyes were filled with adoration, and love, and she honestly could not understand how anyone could look at anything so broken like it was beautiful.
Originally published 2012.2.5 @


A TALK IN THE HOSPITAL WING | General | Missing Scene for "Order of the Phoenix"
Recovering in the hospital wing, Ron and Herimone discuss Harry’s “saving-people-thing”.
Originally Published 2003.8.11 @ FanFic.Net


ANIRON | Mature | Frodo/Sam, slight hurt/comfort
Frodo and Sam reconcile their fears after splitting from the Company.
Originally published 2002.1.3 @ FanFic.Net


STOLEN KISS | Teen | Neo/Trinity, pre-Revolutions, vignette
All I can think about... is that the last kiss he gave was not to me."
Originally published 2004.1.18 @ FanFic.Net


CAGED | Mature | Jarod/Miss Parker, Character Death
How can you know if you're outside the cage looking in, or in the cage looking out, if all you can see are the bars?
Originally published 2002.12.12 @ FanFic.Net


HEART BREAK | General | Irene Adler, His Dark Materials/Daemons Universe
"Hearts can break. Yes. Hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don't."
Originally published 2010.1.7 @ Dreamwidth


TRUST YOURSELF | General | Janeway POV, personal log, vignette
Lost out here, thousands of lightyears away from anything we have ever known, our guts are all we have."
Originally published 2007.5.26 @ Livejournal


HALLOWEEN NIGHT | General | Vala and Daniel friendship
After an evening of carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, Daniel gets a final trick or treat.
Originally Published 20011.10.27 @ Dreamwidth

HEARTBEAT | Mature | Vala/Daniel, Missing Scenes for "Unending"
Never a romantic, even Vala had learned that they all had to find their own happiness on the wretched ship, one way or another.
Originally Published 20011.9.7 @ Dreamwidth

SPIRIT | General | Vala POV, vignette
Memories of her birth mother come and go in waves.
Originally Published 2006.8.7 @ Dreamwidth

WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU | General | Vala and Daniel friendship
I wondered in those nights if her eyes would be dark like mine, or if she would have the clear, empty eyes of the Ori.
Originally Published 2006.8.6 @ Dreamwidth


ALMOST COMPLETE | General | Bering/Wells, post "Instinct"
Perhaps that is why she goes back to the bookstore when it is all over; trying to leave the Warehouse behind in an attempt to regain some semblance of the magic again in the most ordinary of places.
Originally published 2013.9.9 @ A03


THE FOUR | Teen | Mulder/Scully, post-invasion
As the years pass, Scully, cursed with immortality, is forced live without those she cannot live without.
Originally published 2003.7.10 @ FanFic.Net

CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE | General | Missing Scene for "Jump the Shark"
Scully is forced to learn that to move on with her life, she must first learn to say goodbye.
Originally published 2002.8.26 @ FanFic.Net

BORROWING HEARTS | General | Angst & Fluff
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of Scully's shoes, resulting in a few major revelations.
Originally published 2000.11.22 @ FanFic.Net

DIVIDED WE FALL | Teen | Mulder/Scully, post-Pusher
After watching someone point a gun at your chest, it is a little hard to look them in the eyes too soon after.
Originally published 2000.11.22 @ FanFic.Net

WHERE DAY IS DARK AS SLEEP | Teen | Speculative, post-Requiem
Mulder returns, his memory wiped from his abduction, to discover that seven years have passed, and Scully now has a daughter.
Originally published 2000.7.1 @ Angelfire

ALONE | General | Angst, post "Closure"
Scully reflects on the loss of Samantha.
Originally published 2000.6.11 @ FanFic.Net


ABOUT LOVE | General | Jean/Scott, Rogue/Bobby
In the aftermath of Alkali Lake, Rogue and Scott teach each other a lesson about love.
Originally published 2003.7.10 @ FanFic.Net

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2016-01-07 03:33 pm

Character Dæmons

Irene Adler - Crow - Adrastos
Myka Bering - Nightingale
Claire Dearing - Puffin
Mack Stuart - Coyote
Kathryn Janeway - Jacana
Vala Mal Doran - Racoon
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2015-05-10 10:58 pm

the ever after // teresa palmer

Teresa Palmer // The Ever After // 198 bases

{ view and download here }

❥ these are bases. feel free to edit and use as desired.
❥ credit is not necessary, but i would love to see what you do with them!
❥ icon layout by [community profile] cawaii
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2014-11-16 11:26 pm

forever // henry morgan, jo martinez, multi-character

10 Henry Morgan
12 Jo Martinez
2 Misc

❥ icons are not bases
❥ please credit [personal profile] runninginheels
❥ icon layout by [community profile] cawaii
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2013-12-16 02:26 am

(no subject)


♫ post character name, canon and preferences in the subject line.
♫ tag someone and RNG 1-6 OR choose your own adventure.
♫ have fun!

1. There's a stranger in my bed. Who the hell did you just wake up with? Where did you meet them? What was their name again? Did you even ask?

2. Pictures of last night ended up online. Maybe your significant other checked facebook before you did or that creepy guy in cubicle four used his google-fu. Either way, you're screwed.

3. We danced on table tops. If you were kicking it at a club or just at your BFF's house, your dancing skills can probably use some work. Ask anyone there.

4. Think we kissed but I forgot. Could have been your best friend, or the the person standing in front of you at the water cooler at work on Monday morning. Point being, you are pretty sure you made out with them. Maybe. You think.

5. Skinny dipping in the dark. Whether it's your neighbor's pool, the pond in the public park or the ocean, you probably shouldn't be naked in it. But you are. Oops.

6. Yeah I think we broke the law. Well that was fun, whatever it was you were doing. Until you ended up in the drunk tank. Hopefully someone nice will bail you out before Monday.

7. It's a blacked out blur. Wild card! Choose one of the above or make up your own. It's not like you're going to remember in the morning, anyway.

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2013-10-07 02:35 am

jaime murray // goodbye in her eyes

Jaime Murray // Goodbye in Her Eyes // 25 icons

❥ icons are not bases
❥ please credit [personal profile] runninginheels
❥ icon layout by [community profile] cawaii
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2013-08-03 12:22 am

intro post;


LOCATION: Maryland, United States of America
OCCUPATION: Freelance writer; film & television production.
PETS: Two chihuahuas, Rook (2 years) and Artie (10 years). I also have a nephew cat named Mongo who I love to snuggle.
OTHER: I was born in upstate New York but lived most of my life in New Mexico. I lived in Colchester, England for a semester in college and went to the University of Essex and I also spent a summer living in Biloxi, Mississippi. I currently reside in Maryland and live with my best friend.


TV: Agent Carter, Archer, Castle, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Lucifer, Speechless, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: The Next Generation & Voyager, Warehouse 13, the X-Files. I marathon Better Off Ted and Raising Hope once a year because they makes me happy. I also occasionally enjoy true crime shows.
BOOKS: Along Came a Spider (James Patterson), the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series (Anne Perry), Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkien), Much Ado About Nothing (William Shakespeare), One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), the Silence of the Lambs (Thomas Harris), the Time Machine (HG Wells), anything by Agatha Christie. I enjoy pulp mystery with a little sprinkle of romance. I also read a fair amount of true crime.
MOVIES: the American President, For Richer or Poorer, Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park/World, Lord of the Rings, MCU (faves at GOTG and Iron Man), Memento, Run Lola Run, the Silence of the Lambs, Short Circuit, Star Wars, While You Were Sleeping
MUSIC: Bruce Springsteen, Delta Goodrem, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, the Goo Goo Dolls, Halsey, Jackson Browne, John Hiatt, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Nickel Creek, Richard Thompson, Roger Whittaker, the Script, Taylor Swift
GAMING: Bejeweled, Cards Against Humanity, Clue, Hidden Object Games, the Last of Us, the Lego games, Song Pop, Tsum Tsum.
OTHER: I live off of a diet consisting of coffee and rainbows. I write short stories, novels and screenplays; usually murder mysteries, but also dramas, YA and Sci-Fi. I make jewelry that I occasionally sell online and I like photography. I collect and customize My Little Ponies. I collect Disney and Doctor Who. I am obsessed with zebra print, flamingos, dinosaurs and unicorns. My heart forever belongs to Stana Katic.


[community profile] alteredstates | Kate Beckett, Irene Adler, Mack StuartAlex Drake, & Peggy Carter
[community profile] entranceway | Chloe Decker
[community profile] bakerstreet | Tony Stark & Kathryn Janeway
MUSES: Muselist
TAGGING: I live in PST (GMT-5). I am a causal tagger and I try to hit my tags back at the most a week, but I try to get some tagging in at least every couple days. I have health problems so sometimes life goes a little off the rails. If you think I lost a tag or want to get a thread done as quick as possible and would like me to try to prioritize it, feel free to ask - I don't mind!

( [ profile] bexxen | [community profile] embarkation )
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2013-07-11 12:01 am

the awakening // rebecca hall

Rebecca Hall // The Awakening // 25 icons

❥ icons are not bases
❥ please credit [personal profile] runninginheels
❥ icon layout by [community profile] cawaii
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2013-05-14 10:26 pm

plurk emotes;

plυrĸ eмoтeѕ

Disclaimer: I didn't make any of these gifs. I just cut them down to plurk emote size. They are mostly from tumblr or things that people have asked me to make for them.


aѕнeѕ тo aѕнeѕ

aleх draĸe/ĸeeley нaweѕ

тнe вlacĸlιѕт

red reddιngтon/jaмeѕ ѕpader


rιcнard caѕтle/naтнan ғιllιon

ĸaтe вecĸeтт/ѕтana ĸaтιc
javιer eѕpoѕιтo/jon нυerтaѕ
ĸevιn ryan/ѕeaмυѕ dever

lanιe parιѕн/тaмala joneѕ


view and dowload at imgur


loѕт gιrl

вo dennιѕ
neĸo aтѕυмe
view and download at imgur
vala мal doran/claυdιa вlacĸ


wareнoυѕe 13

мyĸa вerιng/joanne ĸelly

peтe laттιмer/eddιe мcclιnтocĸ

claυdιa donovan/allιѕon ѕcaglιoттι

нg wellѕ/jaιмe мυrray 

мιѕc perғorмerѕ

racнel мcadaмѕ
тaylor ѕwιғт
view and dowload at imgur

тereѕa palмer

view and dowload at imgur
If you have a request for an emote, please feel free to drop a note with a link to the gif here in the comments or hit me up at [ profile] bexxen