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AMOMAXIA | Explicit | Gene/Alex, smut
Somewhere between 7pm and 2am, it had become okay with Alex Drake to shag Gene Hunt. And the idea of regretting it in the morning hadn’t crossed her mind once.
Originally Published 2010.5.27 @ Dreamwidth

FOREVER IS A LONG TIME | General | Post-finale, Gene/Alex, Chris/Shaz, Sam/Annie
One day, Gene Hunt woke up and he thought about two DIs named Sam Tyler and Alex Drake, and his heart was filled with a bland, desperate emptiness that could only be known by a lonely man who had been left behind by the two people he had loved more than almost anything in the world. And he wished he remembered why.
Originally Published 2010.5.22 @ Dreamwidth

HOME | General | Alex and Molly, alternate future
Sometimes, Molly, home isn't a specific place. It's just wherever you happen to be.
Originally Published 2010.3.31 @ Dreamwidth

PSYCHOLOGY | Teen | Alex/Gene, flirting and fighting
There were unspoken rules in Luigi's. And one of those happened to be, no bloke was allowed to flirt with DI Alex Drake while she was in the presence of the most esteemed DCI Gene Hunt. Or sometimes, even when she wasn't.
Originally Published 2010.2.18 @ Dreamwidth

CONTROL | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
There was a moment when I was completely in control.
Originally Published 2010.2.15 @ Dreamwidth

WISHED A BIRD | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
No one cries for what they have. They cry only for what they have lost.
Originally Published 2009.12.18 @ Dreamwidth

FORGOTTEN | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
He calls me to someplace that might have been home, if I'd wanted it to be.
Originally Published 2009.12.7 @ Dreamwidth

OUTLIVED | General | Alex Drake POV, vignette
When I was young, I often fantasized that my parents had survived the explosion.
Originally Published 2009.11.12 @ Dreamwidth


NO REGRETS | Teen | Castle/Beckett
Roy was the one who had told her that, in their line of work, there were no victories. Only battles. Beckett wondered if the same was true for love.
Originally published 2013.9.29 @ A03

HOT DOGS AND PHONE NUMBERS | General | Missing Scene, "Flowes for Your Grave"
“You know,” he said, “you really should give me your phone number.”
Originally published 2.8.2013 @

A department store Santa is found murdered in a small boutique. Meanwhile, Castle does his best to put Beckett in the mood of the holiday season.
Originally published 2012.12.11 @

THE DEVOTION OF DOGS | Mature | Castle/Beckett
He was staring at her. His eyes were filled with adoration, and love, and she honestly could not understand how anyone could look at anything so broken like it was beautiful.
Originally published 2012.2.5 @


A TALK IN THE HOSPITAL WING | General | Missing Scene for "Order of the Phoenix"
Recovering in the hospital wing, Ron and Herimone discuss Harry’s “saving-people-thing”.
Originally Published 2003.8.11 @ FanFic.Net


ANIRON | Mature | Frodo/Sam, slight hurt/comfort
Frodo and Sam reconcile their fears after splitting from the Company.
Originally published 2002.1.3 @ FanFic.Net


STOLEN KISS | Teen | Neo/Trinity, pre-Revolutions, vignette
All I can think about... is that the last kiss he gave was not to me."
Originally published 2004.1.18 @ FanFic.Net


CAGED | Mature | Jarod/Miss Parker, Character Death
How can you know if you're outside the cage looking in, or in the cage looking out, if all you can see are the bars?
Originally published 2002.12.12 @ FanFic.Net


HEART BREAK | General | Irene Adler, His Dark Materials/Daemons Universe
"Hearts can break. Yes. Hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don't."
Originally published 2010.1.7 @ Dreamwidth


TRUST YOURSELF | General | Janeway POV, personal log, vignette
Lost out here, thousands of lightyears away from anything we have ever known, our guts are all we have."
Originally published 2007.5.26 @ Livejournal


HALLOWEEN NIGHT | General | Vala and Daniel friendship
After an evening of carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, Daniel gets a final trick or treat.
Originally Published 20011.10.27 @ Dreamwidth

HEARTBEAT | Mature | Vala/Daniel, Missing Scenes for "Unending"
Never a romantic, even Vala had learned that they all had to find their own happiness on the wretched ship, one way or another.
Originally Published 20011.9.7 @ Dreamwidth

SPIRIT | General | Vala POV, vignette
Memories of her birth mother come and go in waves.
Originally Published 2006.8.7 @ Dreamwidth

WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU | General | Vala and Daniel friendship
I wondered in those nights if her eyes would be dark like mine, or if she would have the clear, empty eyes of the Ori.
Originally Published 2006.8.6 @ Dreamwidth


ALMOST COMPLETE | General | Bering/Wells, post "Instinct"
Perhaps that is why she goes back to the bookstore when it is all over; trying to leave the Warehouse behind in an attempt to regain some semblance of the magic again in the most ordinary of places.
Originally published 2013.9.9 @ A03


THE FOUR | Teen | Mulder/Scully, post-invasion
As the years pass, Scully, cursed with immortality, is forced live without those she cannot live without.
Originally published 2003.7.10 @ FanFic.Net

CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE | General | Missing Scene for "Jump the Shark"
Scully is forced to learn that to move on with her life, she must first learn to say goodbye.
Originally published 2002.8.26 @ FanFic.Net

BORROWING HEARTS | General | Angst & Fluff
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of Scully's shoes, resulting in a few major revelations.
Originally published 2000.11.22 @ FanFic.Net

DIVIDED WE FALL | Teen | Mulder/Scully, post-Pusher
After watching someone point a gun at your chest, it is a little hard to look them in the eyes too soon after.
Originally published 2000.11.22 @ FanFic.Net

WHERE DAY IS DARK AS SLEEP | Teen | Speculative, post-Requiem
Mulder returns, his memory wiped from his abduction, to discover that seven years have passed, and Scully now has a daughter.
Originally published 2000.7.1 @ Angelfire

ALONE | General | Angst, post "Closure"
Scully reflects on the loss of Samantha.
Originally published 2000.6.11 @ FanFic.Net


ABOUT LOVE | General | Jean/Scott, Rogue/Bobby
In the aftermath of Alkali Lake, Rogue and Scott teach each other a lesson about love.
Originally published 2003.7.10 @ FanFic.Net